Wilkinson Sports and Life Performance


The Wilkinson Way

Our belief is that everything we do connects and rubs off on everything else we do. The habits, attitudes, standards and belief we bring to each event impacts every event in which we are involved.

The mental discipline that coaches, business leaders and professional people want is the consistent approach to challenges and situations that habitually yields positive results. They are looking for leaders and leadership.

When mental and emotional approaches, processes and disciplines break, even the most beautiful swings and classic deliveries will break down also. These approaches, processes and disciplines can be taught, coached and mentored effectively, and they are crucial to the development of the leadership that is essential to successful performance.

Our approach is balanced, inclusive and has consistently resulted in our students raising their hopes, dreams, goals, contribution and achievement in sports and life.


"The Wilkinson Academy helped me grow as a baseball player and as a young man more than any other coach or mentor could have in the entire Northwest. By putting in countless coaching hours they helped me realize my dream of playing and succeeding in the Pac-12 conference, and I could not have done it without them. Thanks guys!"    Bryce Mooney