Wilkinson Cardinals

Wilkinson Cardinals Baseball was founded in Washington state in 1988 to provide high school aged players an opportunity to play the game with the freedom to learn from the game and to command more of the strategic and tactical outcomes than they were normally accustomed to.

That purpose still exists today in central Texas.

When Pete visited Texas to continue his work with a pitcher, he found a similar need in the Austin area that he had helped to serve in the far west. That led eventually to his recreating the Cardinals Baseball program.

In its first year, after 28 successful years on the west coast, the 2016 Cardinals program established a footprint in Texas from which to build, competing in V Tool Show, Perfect Game and BVR tournaments, and winning at both the 17U and 16U levels.

Cardinal Baseball has always defined successful as preparing young players to move on to the college game prepared for tempo, skill, approach and decision-making requirements that are dramatically, completely beyond the high school level. There are requirements to be competitive, and there are requirements at a higher level if the goal is to contribute to programs that win.

We prepare our student-athletes to contribute to winning. In that ambitious undertaking, the young people of the Wilkinson Cardinals have continued to be successful on the diamond past high school. In the three decades since the original program’s inception, Cardinal alumni have continued to be successful on the diamond at the college level. More than 90% of all its players have gone on to study and play baseball at the college level. Those same players have become particularly successful beyond baseball and beyond college. They are using the lessons of sport on purpose to reach their important life objectives.

For three decades, Cardinal teammates have chosen the challenge of impacting winning and becoming leaders of winners. They have taken on a curriculum beyond baseball, and they have used it as they have gone forward in life.



"From goodness to greatness, from greatness to excellence,

from excellence to significance"  

(Coach Pete Wilkinson, 2013 Kingco 3A Coach of the Year; Awarded 2011 Teaching Pro of the Year by Collegiate Baseball America)